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PK Survey
Section IV


Section III
Section IV
Section II

Using the following scale, please rate your dad and yourself.

5 = unequaled in your view
4 = One of the best
3 = good
2 = average
1 = poor
0 = bad


Spirituality - Your Dad
Spirituality - Yourself
Consistent spiritual ideas - Your Dad
Consistent spiritual ideas - Yourself
Family devotion time - Your Dad
Family devotion time - Yourself
Tendency to gossip about members - Your Dad
Tendency to gossip about member - Yourself
Time spent with family - Your Dad
Time spent with family - Yourself
Temper/anger - Your Dad
Temper/anger - Yourself
Humor - Your Dad
Humor - Yourself
Financial sacrifices for church - Your Dad
Financial sacrifices for church - Yourself
Time sacrifices for church - Your Dad
Time sacrifices for church - Yourself
Love for church members - Your Dad
Love for church members - Yourself
Overall compassion - Your Dad
Overall compassion - Yourself
Soul winning - Your Dad
Soul winning - Yourself
Preaching ability - Your Dad
Preaching ability - Yourself
Teaching ability - Your Dad
Teaching ability - Yourself
Driving habits - Your Dad
Driving habits - Yourself
Overall view on life - Your Dad
Overall view on life - Yourself
Relationship with you - Your Dad
Relationship with you - Yourself
Relationship with siblings - Your Dad
Relationship with siblings - Yourself
Relationship with your mother - Your Dad
Relationship with your mother - Yourself
Relationship with your dad - Your Dad
Relationship with your dad - Yourself
Bitternes - Your Dad
Bitternes - Yourself
Cynical (always expecting worse) - Your Dad
Cynical (always expecting worse) - Yourself
Gossiping about other preachers - Your Dad
Gossiping about other preachers - Yourself
Street preaching - Your Dad
Street preaching - Yourself