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We would like to introduce the pastor and key staff members involved in making this ministry possible.


The ways

Garry Way pastors the Fair Avenue Baptist Church of Gainesville, Texas. Gainesville, in rural North Texas, about 65 miles north of the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Metroplex area.

The entire Way family is involved in the ministry and in 1998 they started the Way Family Ministries as an encouragement to churches and families.


Richard, is 22 and Rachael, is 24.  Both of them are students at Oklahoma Baptist College in Oklahoma City under Dr. Jim Vineyard.  Richard, will be graduating in May of 2003 in Pastoral Theology and plans to come home to Gainesville and work in the ministry with his Father.  Richard, has been chosen each of his first three years to participate in OBC's School of the Prophets, which is an honor because very few freshmen are chosen.  Rachael, plans to go to the mission field when and where God leads and directs.

The Preacher's Kids Conference
Is A Ministry of:
Fair Avenue Baptist Church
711 Fair Avenue
Gainesville, Texas 76240