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The Survey

PK Conference Web Survey Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Please remember to answer honestly!

Part 1

Are you in in fill-time Christian service?
Yes No
If not, are you considering it?
Yes No
If you have surrendered, but are not in full-time service,
would you give some reasons why?
 (This is very important)
What is the average Sunday School Attendance of your dad's present church?
What was the average Sunday School attendance of your dad's previous church?
Give the length of your dad's years as a pastor (all churches):
Give the length of your dad's years in full-time service as pastor, youth pastor, bus director, etc.:
Length of time you dad has been at present church:
Length of time your dad was at previous church:
Has your dad had any church problems at any church?
Yes No
Did any of these problems affect you?
Yes No
Does/did it seem like your dad has trouble at every church?
Yes No

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