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Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Ministry for Preacher's Kids and their parents.  This Web site was designed as part of the Preacher's Kids Ministry of the Fair Avenue Baptist Church.  Our desire is to minister to Preacher's Kids and their families. Preacher's kids are a unique member of any church. Nobody quite knows what it is like to be a preacher's kid except another preacher's kid.

"The children of pastors, associates, evangelists, and missionaries are born into a position of unreal expectations, undue pressures, and unnecessary exposure to other people's problems, as well as having to live under the spotlight of their father's ministry.  Many have been hurt spiritually because of this and have become unnecessary casualties of our spiritual warfare." 
-Dr. Bob Smith

If your father is a Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, Deacon, or in the ministry in some way, please take our PK Survey.

Schedule of Events

The 3rd Annual Preacher's Kids Conference
Friday and Saturday
November 8-9, 2002
At the Ramada Limited
600 Fair Park
Gainesville, Texas 76240